Organizing your knowledge
without efforts

Get for free associative cloud service for storage documents. No more folding into folders and directories! Use artificial intelligence and your associative thinking to quickly save and search!

How does it works?


Each document with which you are working is associated with some ideas or tags. Using the list of user’s associations or tags SYNAPS app calculates inter-connections in your data and creates a graph. With further work on the documents the connections are recalculated and modified. With time SYNAPS will adapt to your way of thinking and to your document management.

Associative data storage

In classic file systems documents are stored in catalogues, which titles/names have nothing to do with the content. Such an approach isn’t natural for human brain. We use associative thinking carrying out research by making associations. That’s why SYNAPS offers a radically new search method and way to work with your documents.

Artificial intelligence

While working on computer you always have to think where to save your file. Then you usually try to cast your mind back asking yourself where you have saved it. We say – stop thinking about it! Just start saving! SYNAPS will take care of the rest. It will analyse the content of the documents and suggest itself the most appropriate associations for each one.

Why do you need it?

Have you ever faced a problem that you don’t know where to save a newly downloaded file? You may have a ‘Miscellaneous’ folder where you put unsorted files, or you might create new catalogues every time (pic. on the left). Anyway, someday each user has to classify his or her documents. SYNAPS helps solve this problem!

Other advantages of SYNAPS

Data search at your fingertips

We offer an effective search system – use it as you are used to: think up the associations for each document and type them into the search engine or choose several tags in the graphical user interface. The app will instantly show you related documents.

Edit your files in customary apps

In SYNAPS everything is arranged for you to work with files using your usual apps: change default programmes for each type of the document, drag-and-drop support, integration with applications etc.

Track your search history

SYNAPS stores not only files, but also history of their creation and change. For a more advanced search use this tool to track your browsing activity.

SYNAPS in action

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Install SYNAPS applications for free

For the full operation of the application, you need to to create account on the site through which the data will be synchronized between the applications installed on different devices.

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Our team

Ilya Sharkov
CEO, Full stack developer

Michail Mehrengin

Vitali Kozlov
Desktop developer

Kirill Stalnov

Andrey Gavrilov
Mobile developer

Vasiliy Chipizhin
Network engineer

Our projects

DIGIRED - is a cloud hosting, which provides a project management service based on the open-source product Redmine. As part of this project, we are support Redmine, develop plug-ins and modules for this product.